INFO -Things you need to know

MUSKELROCK 2020 will be 2021

Muskelrock 2020 was planned to be the 28th-30th of may but because of Covid 19 we had to postpone the festival until the 3-5th of june 2021.


The camp site will be open from wednesday at 17.00 until sunday at 15.00.


The festival area will be open thursday- saturday 12.00-02.00


The ticket- and informationwagon where you exchange your ticket for wristband and extra strong stuff is open thursday-saturday 12-22.



Tickets are only sold at: 

The ordinary 3 day tickets cost 1199sek

Extra strong tickets including a secret gift from the crew cost 100sek extra.

One day tickets cost 666sek.


No tickets will be sold at the festival!


You will also need to buy a parking ticket for 99sek for a regular car. Caravan or camper cost 300sek.

If you have bigger vehicles please contact to make a reservation and to get a price.


When buying tickets there is also a service fee of 10 sek.


Tentcamping is included in the regular ticket price. One day tickets include one day camping! Forbidden to stay at the camp site without ticket!



On the campsite we have to respect each other! Be quiet in the night, some people want to sleep! Don´t light up fire on the wrong place! Portable stoves are ok, but be careful when you use it! Use the toilets and keep them clean! Throw your garbage at the right place! Clean up your camp before leaving! RESPECT THE NEIGHBOURS & BE KIND!




VisitAlvesta, find out more about the area and places to stay and visit.


You can also look at or similar sites for houses or caravans to rent.



Tyrolen is situated 7km south from the small town Alvesta in the middle of Småland in southern Sweden. MAP



If you´re coming to Muskelrock with plane the best is to go to Copenhagen and then take the train directly from the airport to Alvesta.

There also is an airport in Växjö, 25km from the festival. They have connections from a few cities.



You can travel to Alvesta with trains from all over Sweden and also from Copenhagen airport with, or


TAXI Växjö- Alvesta- Tyrolen:

Between Alvesta and Tyrolen you can go with Taxis that will go from wednesday evening until sunday afternoon and they will cost 50sek for each person. They will be going almost all the time during the festival.


If you go at other times it will cost like this and maybe you have to book a taxi:

1-4 people 200sek, 5-6 people 250sek, 7-8 people 280sek.


Book your Taxi at Alvesta Taxi phone: 0472-191 00


Alvesta Taxi also give you the opportunity to go from Tyrolen to Växjö at the cost of:

1-4 people 600sek, 5-6 people 700sek, 7-8 people 800sek.


There will also be buses from Växjö going to the festival and back each day.

From Växjö to Tyrolen at 12.00 each day
From Tyrolen to Växjö at 02.30 each day
The bus from Växjö leaves from the parking outside World Trade Center. The bus from Tyrolen leaves from the parking outside Tyrolen.
They cost 100sek for each travel or 500sek for all 6 journeys.
Book your tickets from or phone +46(0)472-191 00. Pay on the bus! You need to book your tickets at least one day before the festival so they can plan how big bus they need!



The church will be open during the festival and they will serve breakfast and it will be possible to take a shower there.

Kimi Kärki(Lord Vicar) will play some of his acoustic songs during the sunday service in church at 11.00.

More info soon!



Cardpayments are preferred on most of the restaurants and bars. There will also be a few places where you can pay with cash. When you pay merch you will need cash. So this year you should bring a mix of cash and card to the festival for a perfect experience.



During this festival we will serve you a lot of good food. You can choose between vegan stew, pizza, vegetarian hamburgers, lasagna and other homemade dishes, both vegetarian and made of locally produced meat!


If you are allergic to something, just ask the chefs!



It´s not allowed to bring any alcohol inside the festival area, only on the campground. We will serve alcohol inside the festival area. We will have Happy Hour prices during daytime when it´s possible to buy a cold beer for 35sek. There will also be some happy hour food.

People under the age of 18 are not allowed to drink any alcohol. If we find anyone under that age who is drunk or someone bringing their own alcohol inside the festival we will cut off their wristband.



Most of the bands bring their own merch and sell it in the official merchshop at Joddelero during the day they are playing.

We also have some great salesmen at the festival area for example

I Hate Records, TPL Records & The Sign records. We also have tarot reading, tattoo artists, nice art and other nice sideshow attractions on the area.



Dogs are not welcome inside the festival area because of the high volume! On the campground dogs are welcome but only if they are in leash!


Kids up to 13 are welcome for free with a parent, but need to use earplugs!!!!

If anyone under the age of 18 is drunk at the festival we will cut their wristband off and send them home!



Alvesta is a small town in the middle of Småland.

In the town there is almost everything you need.

*Pharmacy if you need any medicine.

*Systembolaget where you can buy beer, wine and other alcohol-based beverages.

*The train station where you can travel to other places.

*A really nice café called Café Saint Clair. 

*5 supermarkets: ICA, Alvesta Market, Willys, Netto & Alvesta Livs.

*Hotel Rådmannen where you can sleep and eat.

Enjoy your stay in Alvesta!




More info about Tyrolen:

Muskelrock på Tyrolen is the strongest festival in the world. Come if you are strong enough!